Serving in Cambodia

1 Nov 2016

Target Audience: 13-18 year old village youth

This is the 6th year of our volunteer service in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Our first project in 2011 was to rebuild homes damaged by the floods. In 2012, we started building chicken farms as we wanted to embark on sustainable projects. We also started training Cambodian youth leaders and conducting youth camps because we understood the need for local ownership of the project.


At our first camp, we helped the local youths discover their strengths and the needs of their community. They then and applied what they had learnt by building chicken farms for their community. The youth worked enthusiastically and tirelessly, completing 5 farms in 1 day; the previous year, it took the Singapore team 5 days just to complete 3 farms!


As we conducted the camps in the following years, we gradually passed on more tasks to the youth leaders. Over the years, they have grown from simply being hands and legs in the execution of the programmes, to being group leaders, to planning and leading activities, and now to grooming younger leaders.


More importantly, they have also developed a heart for others, and have passed this on to the youth around them - the youths started their own initiative of pooling the little allowance they had and purchasing household food items for the poor, elderly women that were living alone in their village. The youth leaders also insisted on sharing a video of a Cambodian lady helping people in her community and making the following comments:

“Too many NGO in Cambodia – Why still have poor people?”
“Why Cambodians cannot help themselves?”



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