Building Self-Awareness and Teamwork in a Challenging Environment

22 Jul 2017

How do you deal with challenges? Does you heart rate go up? Do you tremble and shake? What and who do you rely on to get you through? 


In this activity, participants are placed in shipping containers that have been revamped to simulate a caving experience. In small teams of 4-6 persons, participants have to find their way out despite the complete darkness, tight crawlspaces and confusing junctions. 


This experience challenges participants to use all their senses, confront their fears and uncertainties, persevere in the task, and more importantly, work as a team and support one another. Most teams emerge from the 'caves' with a sense of achievement and a much stronger bond and understanding of one another. 


Hear from some of our participants:

"Everyone was scared when they closed the door and it was totally dark. No one wanted to be the first person leading the team, so I volunteered myself. I was scared but someone had to do it right?" - Student Participant 


"The session was really very good. I got to know my girls better, and even I, at my age, learnt something. There was a part of the cave where I could not reach the lower ground and I didn't dare to move forward. But the girls in my team told me to trust and believe that I could do it." - Girls' Brigade Officer


This caving experience is very flexible and always customised to suit your learning objectives and participant profile, e.g. age, gender, confidence level etc. Drop us a note to find out more!



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