Community Service Club Leaders' Training

6 Jan 2018

Target audience: Polytechnic student leaders


It was an exciting and encouraging day spent with leaders of the community service clubs in the polytechnic.


We explored the differences between leaders and community service leaders. We identified the common challenges that community service leaders face and discussed possible approaches and solutions using case studies. 


Students worked on team challenges that revealed their leadership styles, strengths and shortcomings. They learnt to work across clubs, to adapt and change, to forgive and support one another in their leadership journey. 


Students also had the opportunity to practice and improve on their facilitation skills - something especially important in service learning. 


We ended the day very encouraged by the potential of the students, and their desire to learn and improve, in order to serve those around them better. 


Here are some of their thoughts:


'I want to work on being a good leader. I feel it is important in my life especially in poly group project. I have to stop doubting myself when I  have to lead and delegate tasks to group mates.'


'What was most applicable to me in today's training is learning that a leader should empower their team mates to get the best out of the team.'


'Today, I learnt that communication and support are important. We might not always succeed and will make mistakes. At this time, it is important not to blame but support and discuss about what to do next.'


'I want to learn more about DISC. Knowing my personal weaknesses and figuring out how to work with other personality types.'



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