Family Bonding Event

20 Oct 2017

Target audience: Families with primary school children


In this half-day family bonding event, we organised a series of activities that volunteers carried out for the beneficiaries of Lakeside Family Services. 


The activities included the challenge cubes where families learnt to communicate, work together, trust, forgive, be patient with one another in difficult times. 


Families also discovered their love languages, which enables them to communicate and express their love for one another effectively. 


We also had a role-play segment where each family member had a 'disability' and the family unit had to work together to complete a task. This emphasized the need to accept and support one another in the family, despite the shortcomings that each of us might have. 


Here from our participants:


"The challenge cubes activity was most useful. We faced the situation together as a family and overcame all the problems. Love language also is a very good activity for us to know each other better."


"Love language help us understand if there is a mismatch in our expectation."


"The programme in the cube was most useful as the family learnt to depend on each other to complete the task."


Altogether, it was a heartwarming morning where families bonded and spent precious time with one another, and as the volunteers stepped up and lovingly gave of their time and energy to the beneficiaries. 



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